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Shipping Fish One of the questions I get asked frequently, is "How do you ship fish clear across the US?" To me now, it seems somewhat routine, but I remember the days when it was a truly terrifying experience. Hopefully this article can help alleviate some of the worries and make your shipping experience a good one.

The Nitrogen Cycle and Fishless Cycling Cycling is the process of establishing colonies of beneficial bacteria in your filter. Fish waste is basically ammonia and is toxic to your fish. As your tank ages ammonia converts from ammonia until Nitrogen as part of the Nitrogen Cycle. Click here to learn more about this process and how to cycle your tank with or without fish in it..

Tank Automation Part 2 - Putting some Light on the idea. Part two in our series on Tank Automation covers technology for lighting and automation of light. This article will try to help you with information on how to turn on and off tank lights without intervention and some capabilities and drawbacks to some methods.

Tank Automation Part 1 - The Introduction to the concept Looking for easier ways of managing your fish tank?  Look here for the introduction to a series of articles with information about sensors, timers, and other ways of monitoring your fish tank for daily or vacation needs.  *This article discusses general ideas of automation only for those curious of what automation means to an aquarium.  Those even lightly experienced with automation should continue to the next article*

Breeding Angelfish Pterophyllum Scalare are relatively easy to breed, once you have established that you do indeed have a pair. There is no surefire method of sexing these fish by looking at them, so you have to wait for them to decide on the mate of their choice. They prefer soft, acidic water, but they are successfully kept and bred in an extremely varied array of water conditions. The main thing to keep an eye on is water quality.

DIY CO2 Injection Looking for information on building a do it yourself CO2 injection system for your tank from household items? Not sure if you want to invest in a pressurized gas bottle system? Then check in here!

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